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The Herdsires


Mulberry Roots x Leo *B

DOB: 1/27/2020
Color: Black and Gold Buckskin with       

            Extensive White

Sire: Helmstead Minis Ex Pert
SS: Sinai Thunder O Exodus
SD: AGS CHW DF Lucretia Macevil

Dam: Some Day Came GL Smoke
DS: Dudley's Girls Grease Lightening
DD: Desertnanny BR Fire Fly

PC: Braymore Farms

Braymore Hershey *B

DOB: 03/18/2023
Color: Black with Heavy Moonspots

Sire: Sugarcreek Haven Superstitious *B
SS: Cedar View That's Amore +*B
SD: Cedar View C'Est LA Vie 5*M

Dam: Last Resort Myrtle Beach 2*M
DS: Island Branch Kingsley
DD: Island Branch Carolina 1*M

PC: Moseley's Ridge 

Terra Bella B King Louie *B (RIP)

DOB: 02/26/2017
Color: Black and White. Polled.

Sire: Terra Bella Z Bagheera *B
SS: Little Tots Estate Zeus *B
SD: Little Tots Estate Sera 4*M

Dam: Terra Bella ST Glinda The Good 6*M
DS: Old Mountain Farm Stalactite *B
DD: Whitbred Donietta 5*M

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