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Our Four Legged Farm Crew

Miniature Horses
The Miniature Horses

These 3 miniature horses came to live with us at Sol Meadows after their owner became very ill and wanted them to go to a good home. 

We found them at Red Feather Sanctuary in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and quickly fell in love with them. They are still a little unsure of us, but we are gaining their trust every day!

Mimi: White & Brown Pinto

Nellie: Bay

Champers Rest in Peace 


The Boys

Our 3 male alpacas are a mixed bunch!


The cream colored boy in the back came to us with his mother after they were pulled from an auction by our friends at Red Feather Sanctuary.


When it came time to wean the little one from his mom, we decided that he needed a few brothers! That is when we got two brothers from a close friend in Dobson, NC.


The males are very friendly and enjoy making new friends!


Left to Right in Photo:

Pete, Phineas, Patrick. 


The Girls

Our two female alpacas were rescued from auction by our friends at Red Feather Sanctuary. 

The females had obviously endured some abuse before going to the auction and ending up with us.


As a result, they are a little less friendly and take more time to warm up to new people. Even if they don't want cuddles, we love them just as much!

Fun fact! Phelicia is Phineas' mom.

Phelicia: Black

Phoebe Rest in Peace

Livestock Guardian Dog


Livestock Guardian Dogs

Milo & Millie

Great Pyrenees Puppy

Milo with his son, Murphy

German Shorthair Pointer
Group of Dogs
Bernese Mountain Dog
Our Pack

Chloe,Reese, Remi & Milo.

Rest in Peace Boone. We love and miss you!

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